TV Authentication on Playback

Why is Playback asking me to verify my TV provider?

Playback aims to create a social environment for watching sports that is accessible for all sports fans. We want to maximize the population that can participate while protecting the current TV rights framework and the leagues, distributors and broadcasters that power it. Rather than build an exclusive subscription service, we’ve chosen to create a platform that any TV subscriber can access.

Is verifying a TV provider required to use Playback?

TV authentication is a requirement for Playback viewers watching streams that are part of paid streaming services and TV bundles. If you have not connected a TV provider, you will still be able to use chat and other Playback room features, but you will not be able to see the stream.

How do I verify my TV provider?

  1. Open your user profile menu and go to Subscriptions
  2. Choose your TV provider(s) from the list
  3. Enter your login credentials for your TV provider(s)
  4. Playback will confirm if your authentication is successful

If you’re experiencing an issue, please reach out to us on Discord or Email.

Does Playback store my TV provider account credentials?

Playback will record the email or username you used so that we know which account is connected. Playback does not store your password.