Use Playback with a Live Streaming App

You can use live broadcasting like OBS Studio or StreamLabs as your camera source on Playback. This means you can use Playback and your live broadcasting studio simultaneously, allowing you to do things like publish your camera feeds (without the TV stream) to other streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You can also customize the video feed that is displayed as your camera on Playback, e.g. add graphic overlays or show multiple camera feeds in split screen.

How to set up Playback with your live broadcasting app:

  1. Check that your live broadcasting app supports virtual cameras. Some popular apps with virtual camera support: OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, vMix, Ecamm Live.
  2. From your live broadcasting app, activate your virtual camera. This is a setting that is typically off by default.
    1. Streamlabs virtual camera setup
    2. OBS virtual camera setup (plugin)
    3. Ecamm virtual camera setup
    4. vMix virtual camera setup
  3. Open Playback in your web browser.
    1. You may need to quit your web browser app first if it was open during the installation of your virtual camera
    2. Join the stage
    3. Choose your virtual camera from the camera input selector
    4. You can change your camera frame from a circle to 16:9 using Stage Mode

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