Ending Support for Playback’s macOS and Windows apps

Ending Support for Playback’s macOS and Windows apps

On February 8, 2022, the Playback team ended support for the Playback macOS and Playback Windows apps. Version 0.14.7 is the final build shipped.

What does ending support mean?

The Playback team will stop shipping updates for the Playback Mac and Playback Windows apps. That means we will not be shipping new features or delivering bug fixes for the desktop apps, and the app is no longer available for download for new users.

Why are the desktop apps no longer supported?

When we set out to build the ultimate social streaming platform, we started with the friend-to-friend streaming use case. Since launching our Beta, we’ve seen very strong traction with creator-led communities and we’ve evolved the product to meet their needs. For now, our focus is on building creator-led streaming communities, and we want to devote our resources to making Playback the go-to platform for sports creators and their communities.

Can I still use the Playback desktop app I already have installed?

If you already have the desktop app installed, you can continue using it, but we recommend switching to Playback in your browser or in our iPhone app. Since new features and fixes will no longer be added to the desktop app, users who continue using the desktop app will have an incomplete and possibly buggy experience due to incompatibility with our web and mobile apps.

How will Playback streams work in the future?

In the future, users will be able to select a remote-hosted stream from Playback’s collection of live events. While dropping support for the desktop app might feel like a step backwards, we’re working hard towards a future where our users can stream any game with anyone from any device.

Have feedback?

If you’re a regular desktop app user and would like to learn more or share feedback on this change, please feel free to drop us a line at contact@getplayback.com.