Playback (Beta) Community-Partner Program

What is the Community-Partner Program (CPP)?

The Playback (Beta) Creator-Partner Program (CPP) is a community of content creators bringing change to the creator economy through the use of the Playback App.

Acceptance to the CPP grants you:

  • Access to live sports TV streams hosted by Playback (Beta)
  • Compensation for hosting watch parties
  • Audience insights and analytics
  • A DM channel in our Discord with our team for onboarding, product suggestions and live support
  • Access to private partner-only Discord channels for creators to collaborate and learn from each other

Why join the CPP right now?

The CPP has limited availability and is admission by application. We currently offer tiered compensation for creators who join us at this stage! We also provide our creator partners with custom vanity links and link preview graphics for their Playback (Beta) rooms. On top of this, our creator-partners have seen an increase in premium/paying members (i.e. patreon subscribers) by adding Playback (Beta) watch parties to their content offering. In 2023 we plan to introduce a monetization model that allows our Creator-Partners to further monetize their watch parties.

Know a creator that should be on Playback (Beta)?

We want to know them too! Please point them in the direction of our website and have them apply as we continue to grow our Playback Family!