Manage roles and permissions

You can invite others to manage your Playback room with you. Go to your room settings to manage your room’s roles and permissions.


You can also change a member’s role by tapping on their profile from inside your room.




Visitors to your room can tap “Join” to become a room member and obtain these permissions:

  • Send chat messages
  • React to chat messages and stage members
  • Request invite to stage


Members can be assigned the Moderator role to obtain these additional permissions:

  • Delete messages
  • Ban/unban room member
  • Pin/unpin messages
  • Kick from stage
  • Manage polls
  • Update chat slow mode
  • Enable/disable chat embeds


Members can be assigned the Creator role to obtain these additional permissions:

  • Assign roles
  • Create events and go live
  • Stream live tv, youtube, screen share
  • Manage the stage
  • Create polls
  • Simulcast
  • Clip
  • Manage community profile, URL, privacy
  • Access VODs

Room Creator

The original creator of the room has these additional permissions:

  • Delete room