Simulcast to Twitter

You can use Playback’s simulcast feature to send your Playback live stream to Twitter / X.

How does simulcast work on Playback?

Playback uses RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) to broadcast live Playback streams to other platforms. RTMP is a standard protocol supported by many applications, including popular live streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter.

Get your Twitter stream key

Twitter provides users with a stream key so they can use streaming software like Playback to create a live Twitter broadcast.

To live stream video on Twitter and get a stream key, you will need a Twitter Premium or Premium+ subscription.

  1. First you will need to add Playback as a source on Twitter. Go to Twitter Media Studio > Producer > Sources (https://studio.twitter.com/producer/sources) and click “Create Source.”
  1. Type a name for your source, e.g. “Playback,” choose “RTMP” for source type and select the Region closest to where you will be streaming from.
  1. Once your source is created, click on it to open the source details. You will find the RTMP URL (this is the Twitter server you will stream to) and the RTMP(s) stream key (this is your personal private key to stream as your Twitter account).

Add Twitter as a simulcast destination on Playback

Next you will need to add your Twitter stream key to Playback. You’ll only need to do this once.

  1. Go to your Playback room, open the room Settings and go to the Simulcast tab (https://www.playback.tv/playback?m=room-settings&screen=simulcast).
  2. Under “Add a destination,” type the RTMP URL and stream key you got from Twitter and click “Add destination” to save it.

Start a simulcast

Each time you go live, you will need to repeat these steps to start a simulcast.

  1. While you’re preparing to go live on Playback, you can choose Twitter from your saved simulcast destinations.

You can also start and stop simulcasts after you are live on Playback by opening the simulcast menu.

  1. After Playback starts sending your stream to Twitter, you will need to go to Twitter to create a live broadcast. Go to Twitter Media Studio > Producer > Broadcasts (https://studio.twitter.com/producer/broadcasts) and click “Create Broadcast.”
  1. Enter your broadcast details.

Select the source you created for Playback from the Source menu.


Then click “Create Broadcast” and your stream will be live on Twitter.

How do I end my simulcast?

You can stop simulcasting from Playback by turning off a simulcast destination from the simulcast menu or by ending your Playback event entirely. If your Twitter broadcast does not end automatically, you may need to return to the Twitter Media Studio to stop the broadcast.

Will my simulcasted stream include NBA broadcasts?

No. If you are simulcasting a stream that features an NBA game, Playback will use the NBA Gamecast template to show the score and game clock without the broadcast of the game. Note: Gamecast scores and clock are only available for TNT and ESPN at this time. Coming soon to all NBA broadcast networks.

Will my simulcasted stream include YouTube videos?

No. When you are using the YouTube player on Playback, we do not include those videos in your simulcast.